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Speedy Airlines destination Dublin
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Flights to Dublin Airport

Flight number From ETE Dispatch
SPY-2214 EGFF Cardiff International Airport 00:55
SPY-2440 EGPH Edinburgh Airport 01:05
SPY-4301 EINN Shannon Airport 01:00
SPY-4303 EICK Cork Airport 01:00
SPY-4305 EGSS London Stansted Airport 01:20
SPY-4307 EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 01:50
SPY-4309 GCTS Tenerife South Airport 04:15
SPY-4311 LEMG Málaga Airport 03:05
SPY-4313 LFRS Nantes Atlantique Airport 01:50
SPY-4315 EHGG Groningen Airport Eelde 02:00

Flights from Dublin Airport

Flight number To ETE Dispatch
SPY-2215 EGFF Cardiff International Airport 00:55
SPY-2441 EGPH Edinburgh Airport 01:05
SPY-4300 EINN Shannon Airport 01:00
SPY-4302 EICK Cork Airport 01:00
SPY-4304 EGSS London Stansted Airport 01:20
SPY-4306 EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 01:40
SPY-4308 GCTS Tenerife South Airport 04:30
SPY-4310 LEMG Málaga Airport 03:05
SPY-4312 LFRS Nantes Atlantique Airport 01:45
SPY-4314 EHGG Groningen Airport Eelde 01:45

Dublin Airport facts

Dublin Airport is an operating base for Speedy Airlines, located in Dublin at an elevation of 73.8 meters or 242 feet.

Currently, Speedy Airlines serves 20 flights to and from Dublin Airport.

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