Destinations Bergen Airport Flesland

Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR / BGO)

Flights to Bergen Airport Flesland

Flight number From ETE Dispatch
SPY-3101 ENSG Sogndal Airport 00:30
SPY-3103 ENFL Florø Airport 00:40
SPY-3105 ENVA Trondheim Airport Værnes 01:15
SPY-318 EHGG Groningen Airport Eelde 01:50

Flights from Bergen Airport Flesland

Flight number To ETE Dispatch
SPY-3102 ENSG Sogndal Airport 00:30
SPY-3104 ENFL Florø Airport 00:40
SPY-3106 ENVA Trondheim Airport Værnes 01:15
SPY-319 EHGG Groningen Airport Eelde 01:30

Bergen Airport Flesland facts

Bergen Airport Flesland is located in Bergen at an elevation of 51.8 meters or 170 feet.

Currently, Speedy Airlines serves 8 flights to and from Bergen Airport Flesland.

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Metar data retrieved Sunday, 21 July 2024 at 19:25 UTC

ENBR 211850Z 32005KT 280V340 9000 -RA FEW003 SCT005 BKN007CB 14/14 Q1007 TEMPO 3000 SHRA BKN004 BKN030CB RMK WIND 1200FT 32012KT
Wind Temperature Low clouds warning
5 kt 14c Clouds lower than 1000ft and either broken, overcast or vertical visibility