Destinations Florø Airport

Florø Airport (ENFL / FRO)

Flights to Florø Airport

Flight number From ETE Dispatch
SPY-3103 ENML Molde Airport 00:55
SPY-3104 ENBR Bergen Airport Flesland 00:40

Flights from Florø Airport

Flight number To ETE Dispatch
SPY-3103 ENBR Bergen Airport Flesland 00:40
SPY-3104 ENML Molde Airport 00:55

Florø Airport facts

Florø Airport is located in Floro at an elevation of 11.3 meters or 37 feet.

Currently, Speedy Airlines serves 4 flights to and from Florø Airport.

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Metar data retrieved Sunday, 21 July 2024 at 20:25 UTC

ENFL 211950Z AUTO 27009KT 9999NDV -RA FEW009/// BKN018/// 13/12 Q1008
Wind Temperature
9 kt 13c